UPDATED 25 August 2020

TO:         Creditors of Superior Homes & Investments, LLC, Debtor; Case No. 09-01955

Subsequent to the last distribution, I received an additional distribution from Tousa Homes.  I therefore filed an Amended Trustee’s Final Report and Applications for Compensation (“Amended TFR”; download by clicking on the link) in which I will be making a final distribution of the remaining proceeds in the Estate, as shown in the Amended TFR. 

Absent any objections, the Amended TFR will be approved by the Court on or around September 14, 2020.  I therefore will be mailing a final distribution check in the amount of $156.36 to each of the creditors that received a priority claim and as listed on pages 3 through 28 of the TFR.  The distribution will be in U.S. dollars and in the form of a cheque drawn on my Trustee account at AXOS Bank. I will be unable to provide distribution in any other currency.  I will also be unable to wire distributions.

Tousa advises there will be no further distributions.  Therefore, I expect no further distributions from Superior.

Thank you.  If you have any questions, my new email is Bob@Rosenfieldandco.com.